High performance PU transport rolls made of RECATHAN®

High performance PU rolls

Our RECA-HP-transport rolls are completely new and patented. The transport rolls are manufactured from high quality synthetic material.

The innovative features of this rolls are that the tube and bearing cases are made entirely from RECA-HP. This makes for noise-free operation reduces wear and makes the roller 55% lighter than traditional steel roller.

The threefold bearing protection and a complete RECA-HP tube also helps to make this transport roll highly suitable for outdoors use and for deployment in enclosed production halls. The RECA-HP transport roll has been tested extensively in various sectors: bulk handling, sand and gravel industry, compost, recycling, cement, concrete, glass, fertilising and so on.

  • outdoor use
  • shock resistant
  • acid resistant
  • weather resistant
  • low abrasion
  • waterproof

Technical data

noise reduction
low adhesion
light weight
low abrasion