RECA Thermoplastics

Besides standard measurements of our product range of semi-finished parts we also supply suitable cuts for a variety of thermoplastics.

Parts will be produced with our up-to-date machine tools like for example milling machine, waterjet machine, turning machine, planing machine, miscellaneous sawing machines, stamping machine and many more.


  • RECA-PE 500, RECA PE 1000
  • RECA-Polyamide
  • RECA-POM C and POM H
  • RECA-PETP unfilled and floating modified
  • RECA high performance and special materials
  • RECA-Food Grade-Qualities with certification

Technical data

original measurements
cutting service
single part production
parts as per drawing
turning, milling, sawing, chamfer
Our overall tolerances are based on DIN ISO2768 T1, class m.