RECATHAN Accessories

Adhesive, sheets

Here you find accessories for all products.

  • To adhere RECATHAN® (Elastomer)
  • Polyester and polyether systems
  • Hydrolysis stabilised as well as with protection against microbes possible
  • RECATHAN® standard sheets in 70°, 80° und 90° permanently available from stock in thicknesses 1-30 mm (approx. 5000 m² permanently on stock).

Accessories Overview

Product: RECA-adhesive / RECA-hardener for bonding RECATHAN®-plates
Application area To adhere RECATHAN® (Elastomer), particularly with nonferrous metal, zinc,chrome steel etc., wood, rigid PVC, pre-treated polyethylene and polyurethane (foils, too) as well as other materials
Ways of handling brush or scraper, automatically handling with proportioners, mixing-gears and application-gears possible
Final characteristics somewhat flexible glued joint
high stability value at static and dynamic stress, good peel strength
high tensile transverse resistance when warm curing
high resistance to cold water, mineral oil and other mediums
causes no assembly part corrosion
odourless and tasteless